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The News Project  platform provides the must-have features of professional publishing and audience development, plus a suite of carefully integrated tools to enable sponsorship, subscription, membership, ad-supported and hybrid business models.

Our comprehensive solution is ready to roll from Day One, with support from a team of news business veterans, to meet your business, editorial and community goals. Here are the key components:

The News Project product tour

Robust and efficient content management

The News Project  platform builds on the latest release of WordPress, platform of choice for more than one-third of all internet sites, with custom integrations by 10Up, creators of finely crafted websites and content tools, and managed hosting by WordPress VIP.

The content management engine includes:

  • Content-creation, monetization and customer engagement capabilities integrated into a single, simplified and elegant platform
  • Enterprise-class managed hosting by WordPress VIP for scale, security and high performance
  • Content and experience optimized for mobile
  • Enhanced SEO, site search and site distribution for content discovery

Our newsroom tools and templates tap into the WordPress “Gutenberg” editor so your editors can quickly create media-rich pages and posts that display across all screen sizes and devices.

  • Do more with fewer plug-ins
  • Choose modern, multimedia-heavy layouts
  • Work across all screen sizes and devices
  • Trust that your editor looks like your website

Templates optimized for appearance & performance

Our custom-crafted theme shows off your editorial and commercial content in attractive, performance-first, advertising- and sponsor-ready templates created by smart design and user experience agency Charming Robot:

  • Templates tailored for modern news publishers: Homepage, article, category, photo gallery, explainer/cards, search results, roadblocks/messaging and multi-purpose static pages, among others.
  • Mobile-optimized responsive design
  • Best practices for content presentation, audience recirculation and messaging for membership and monetization
  • Templates can be further customized and seamlessly integrated into the platform


The News Project home page design sample

Audience development and engagement

Build audience, connect to loyal users and boost conversions using the platform’s built-in services:

  • Integrated social media publishing
  • Desktop and mobile push notifications
  • Email campaigns
  • Content feeds for Apple News and Google News
  • Built-in Google AMP versions for mobile viewing

Revenue tools

Our integrated reader revenue toolset from Piano, usually affordable only by large media players, will help you grow and manage a robust membership that enables confident sponsorship and subscription strategies. Piano-enabled capabilities include:

  • Tiered membership management
  • Subscriptions, donations and payment processing
  • Paywall configuration

Your team can also manage and track sponsorships efficiently through the CMS — site-wide, category-wide and/or per-page — including native content approaches.

To manage advertising, leverage Google Ad Manager for ad revenue growth and brand protection, as well as to enhance sponsorships with standard creative units.

World-class journalism from AP

Associated Press

Supplement your original content with breaking news and features from Associated Press, the world’s most trusted news organization.

Dashboard – Your access to actionable insights

The News Project dashboard surfaces everything you need to start your day in the newsroom:

  • Current key audience metrics and historical trends
  • Top content, indicating where your audience is engaged
  • Direct access to newsletter, subscription and advertising controls
  • Our proprietary TNP Score, showing your progress toward business goals and actionable tips on how to get there

Digital news veterans have your back

The News Project ‘s producers, product managers, editors and marketers will help to optimize each feature of the platform to meet your goals.

We have founded, built, created, expanded and advised many of the world’s leading news & information products and startups, including:

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